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Performance Track Driving Tuition


"Speed is one thing common to all instructors, but Anthony posseses a rare ability to communicate where his speed comes from."
Andrew Stevens - Client



Wanna go faster?
Be tutored by Radical Sportscar British Champion Anthony Dunn, one of the country's best ARDS & ATDO licenced instructors. Anthony is hugely experienced at most circuits in the UK in a wide variety of cars from Single Seater to Saloon, Ferrari to Caterham.

Anthony finished 1st in the 2009 SPEED European Series and 2nd in the British Series with his racing partner Barry Gates in a Ligier JS49 (pictured above). He continues to race in the Lotus Elise Cup UK with client Stuart Ratcliff as well as being a front runner in select Radical sportscar races.

Look at what YOU can improve...

 Track vision - the foundation of your track driving technique

 Consistency - the art of reducing the number of spins & preventing shunts!

 Corner preparation - and therefore better judgement on entry speed and braking distances

 Relaxation whilst driving - leading to a more positive mental attitude, focus & enjoyment

 Understanding front & rear wheel drive - techniques to get the most out of your car

 Car control - learn to pre-empt a slide or practice inducing one!

 Use of the FULL width of the racing circuit - including wet lines & the correct useage of kerbs

 Self analysis - recognition of your own strengths and weaknesses

Break the bad habits built up from a lifetime of 'self taught' driving skills & get some professional advice.